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About Us

Larica LED Products Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified start-up company recognized by the Government of India and Inter Minister Board for Innovation and has been granted with a lot of exemption including tax benefits. Larica LED’s all products are “Make In India” and BIS certified.

Larica LED is the manufacturer of wide range of LED Lights used for exterior and interior application. We are a modern enterprise specialized in development, production of various LED products. We are having diligent professional staff, the company is able to utilize advanced technology to cut the production cost and make the better quality of LED products at reasonable price. The company follows strict quality and test control system in each process of production. We endeavor to contribute to the green lighting program of humankind with our efforts and achievements. We have in-house research & development having highly qualified engineers and professional. The company has a manufacturing unit in Barasat, Kolkata and is also setting up a factory in Assam. Larica is known for supply the best products at the most affordable price. Our product includes downlight, panel light, COB, Led Bulbs, Street Light, LED Panels, and Solar Products etc.

Our Strengths

Our strength lies in our Latest Machinery, Trained & Experienced Manpower and Customer Service. Our Clients are our best Sales Persons as 90% of our business is through referrals and from our customers itself. LLPP inherit strength is the built-in-manufacturing capacity to produce a large variety of luminaries through our manufacturing unit which is professionally managed to adhere to stringent quality norms. We provide a 1-year warranty on Bulbs, Tubes, Night Lamp and 2 years warranty on Street Light, Flood Light. We have an in-house team which designs drivers which take care of the long life of Led Products. We have strong distribution network covering West Bengal, Bihar, and North East states.

Our Quality

Our company’s vision is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and quality control is also foremost in the company’s mission statement. We consider our customers as our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to fulfilling all their lighting needs. The company also has a much-defined testing procedure for establishing the quality of our products before bringing them to the markets. The quality of our products proves our credibility and customer service that highlights his vision is our commitment to conform to the highest standards. We have state of the art Japanese & Chinese machinery to make quality products.

Our Focus

Larica LED Products Pvt Ltd to deliver essential, architectural and artist lighting for a diverse range of requirements. Our focus is on exceeding your expectations and delivering a successful outcome for all your lighting projects so that we have a long and mutually beneficial relationship. We understand the complexities of lighting in every situation and can provide you paralleled advice and guidance to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Future

While Larica LED has highly competitive prices of all products, we believe that it is not good enough to win business just on price. Larica LED Products Pvt Ltd builds relationships with global companies because of the care and commitment to the customer’s goals. At the start of any project, LLPP put a lot of effort into knowing you and understanding your projects, and from there, success and long-term partnerships flourish. As a leader in LED manufacturing, we are confident that in the future we will achieve market domination to the benefit of our clients and suppliers. We invite you to enjoy success with LLPP and we look forward to welcoming you as a valued customer, supplier and partner.

Our Corporate Ethics

  1. Diversity to embrace all.
  2. Synergy to work together as one.
  3. Vitality to encourage the best of all.
  4. Sociability to cooperate.
  5. Focus to be goal orientated.
  6. Pride to be proud of our company, brand, products, and achievements.
  7. Improve to make anything possible.

Our Mission & vision

  1. To continue to brand “Make in India”.
  2. To be at the forefront of lighting technology.
  3. To expand our extensive project management.
  4. To be innovative with LED and traditional technologies.
  5. To always provide value and service.
  6. To maintain the strongest marketing team.
  7. To deliver on promises and maintain respect.
  8. To promote as a global brand.